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Three-time Emmy award-winning reporter and National and Regional Edward R. Murrow award recipient, Sallie Taylor returned to television media and is hosting some of WDTN's Living Dayton’s cooking segments. Back in 2007, she departed from the job as Saturday morning anchor at WHIO-TV to be a stay-at-home mom. Though she no longer held her regular television spot, witnessing her child grow up instead, brought on its own series of rewards.

In an interview with Lean In Dayton, Sallie explains a brief struggle with choosing between the two worlds. Plus she reveals some key professional practices which led to her success: the willingness to learn from senior-level colleagues, the ability to take on unpaid roles and responsibilities which build upon experience and never accepting no as an answer.

Lean In Dayton: When did you first decide to become a reporter?

Sallie Taylor: I was attending Southern Methodist University. I was trying to choose a major. I thought Broadcast News Journalism would be interesting. I started taking classes and interning at stations in Dallas and in Dayton at WDTN. I fell in love with the business.

Lean In Dayton: Did you set out to have a successful career in journalism?

Sallie Taylor: One of my professors, who was also my counselor, told me I would never make it in the business. I will never forget it. I think that helped me to work that much harder to succeed. I would love to show that professor all my regional and national Journalism awards! 

Lean In Dayton: Your public bio states that you left your job in 2007 as a Saturday morning Anchor to be a stay-at-home mom. When you first made the decision to do so, what sort of thoughts did you have regarding your career and family?

Sallie Taylor: I left because I was having daycare issues. My husband suggested that I quit my job and stay home. It was a hard decision at first. Leaving a job, I loved at nearly 20 years in the business. But in the end, it was a HUGE blessing!  I have been so fortunate to be at home with my son, watching him grow up and being there for him. But I have also been fortunate to do so while working part time doing commercials for Troy Ford and being a Co-Host for WDTN's Living Dayton Show.

Interviewed by Julene Allen

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