What would you do if you weren't afraid?

  1. Would you negotiate your salary and benefits for a new job?
  2. Would you request a meeting with your current boss and discuss why you should have an elevated role or responsibility?
  3. Would you start a business?
  4. Would you run for public office?
  5. Would you start a passion project?

Greetings Dayton area! We introduce the passion projectthe Lean In Dayton Chapter, 100 Women. Join us on this journey as we interview women who are Leaning In, in and around the Dayton area! We can't wait to see you out. Join the chapter. It's free at http://leanincircles.org/chapter/lean-in-dayton.

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Our Mission

The Lean In Ohio Chapter provides education and powerful tools for women who are aiming for the next level. Whether you are a college graduate or on top, we provide a network of support.


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Lean In Ohio 100 Women Archives: A Keepsake of Interviews with Women Trailblazers

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Women for the U.S. Supreme Court


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