(38) Interview with Faye Childs

"2.5 million dollars was made in result of books being listed in the Blackboard list... More authors appeared in the New York Times because of the Blackboard list."
Julene Allen Julene Allen Author

Join us for Wine or Coffee and Conversation

Every Lean In Coffee Shop Meeting is shamelessly energizing! We establish a more connected sisterhood and part with new friends.  In a room full of busy women from diverse backgrounds, we lean into deep talk and education centered on both personal and work adversities.

This next meeting is about about ways to deal with stress!!! So we are bringing the wine, ladies and gents!  Join Lean In Ohio's Coffee Shop Circle for a powerful meeting as we dive into How to Make Stress Your Friend!

This meeting is all about making connections and having a thoughtful conversation over Lean In education.

We ask everyone who attends to download the pdf from the attached link.


FYI, coffee and wine will be available!!!


Also this meeting is in partnership with Work Out Anytime Fitness in Miamisburg! Workout Anytime Fitness has partnered with LeanIn.Org and Lean In Ohio for its #20PercentCounts Campaign and is offered a significant reduction on enrollment for the entire month! They are committed to Equal Pay!

If you are looking for a gym that is low cost but still offers top of line services and equipment, check them out! Ask for Josh or David. Tell them Lean In Ohio sent you.


This Meeting's Moderator: Julene Allen

Hosted by: Desree Coleman


Creekside Villas

5282 Cobblegate Dr.

Moraine, OH, 45439

Day and Time: Saturday April 29th, 2016 1 p.m. -2:30 p.m.

RSVP on Meetup!

Julene Allen Julene Allen Author


Women on average are paid 20% less than men—and Black and Hispanic women are paid even less.

This Equal Pay Day, we have partnered with businesses across Dayton, Ohio to offer 20% discounts to highlight the unfairness of the gender pay gap. Women and families deserve their 20% today and every day, and we’re proud to take a stand on equal pay. You can take a look at the national campaign at leanin.org/equalpay.

Please visit one of the businesses in Dayton tomorrow, April 4th! Use #20PercentCounts to show your support on social media.


Julene Allen Julene Allen Author

(37) Interview with Nichole Dunn

"Continuously make connections, build relationships for no other purpose but investing and being curious of someone else."
Julene Allen Julene Allen Author

(36) Interview with Rep Teresa Fedor

"Lead where you live..."

Julene Allen Julene Allen Author

(35) Interview with Suzanne Roberts

"You’re not making decisions to prove yourself. You’re making decisions to know yourself."

Julene Allen Julene Allen Author

(34) Interview with Julie Graber

"It's about changing business practices and culture as oppose to changing women."

Julene Allen Julene Allen Author

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The Lean In Ohio Chapter provides education and powerful tools for women who are aiming for the next level. Whether you are a college graduate or on top, we provide a network of support.


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